The East Spring Street Neighborhood Association Inc. is formed to foster the ongoing revitalization of the area, and to improve the quality of life for those who live and work within the association boundaries. Additionally the association is designated as follows:
  • To be a forum for the discussion & review of community issues & projects
  • To be an advisory body & advocate to our elected representatives on behalf of our members
  • To monitor & facilitate public services & infrastructure investments within our association boundaries
  • To educate & establish communications in the community & to externally promote New Albany
  • To develop solutions to community issues & to shape the future vision of New Albany
  • To seek grants and other funds for community projects
  • To implement, promote, or coordinate with other agencies and programs for the protection, safety and enhancement of the neighborhood community

We have also just recently gained our non-profit status as a 501C3.

  Elected Officials
Board of Directors
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